Strengthening, Inspiring &
Empowering Through Yoga

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Yoga in Hudson Massachusetts

Yoga is the practice of learning to be fully present in the moment.  It's a form of training yourself to use deliberate muscles through breathing and moving you toward a state of compassionate, non-judgemental, witness consciousness.  In essence, to "stay present".

♦ Beginner/Gentle Yoga
In the beginner's class we
will learn basic breathing techniques, build poses
from the ground up while coordinating breath with movement, bring self awareness to your practice while learning how to find alignment in poses based on your individual body structure.  

Focus will be on learning
how to find your own yoga practice through awakening the prana (lifeforce through breath) within. Through focusing on the breath we begin to slow the chatter in the mind to become present in the body. 



♦ All Levels
Includes basic breathing
exercises as well as asanas (postures) building from the
ground up guiding students
in stages through a variety of standing, sitting and supine postures.

Each class follows the format
of beginning with centering, pranayam (breathing exercises), pratapana (warming up the body), asana (yoga poses), ending with relaxation and meditation.

It's a way to recharge while experimenting with coming to your edge to create some
physical challenge.








Benefits of yoga
Yoga does more than increase your flexibility. Our classes help you get and stay healthy, and also give you a chance to relax and meditate, bringing a new balance into your hectic life.

Meditation & Relaxation
During classes, you will be guided through meditation that includes breathing exercises and warming up the body before moving you into postures. The process leaves you feeling lighter, more energetic, and open to new possibilities.

SCY's Mission
It is our intention to strengthen, inspire, and empower students with compassion, kindness, and care, honoring each individual's learning style and rate of progression.

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